Participating Universities

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning (CITL) has an important mission to serve the needs of nontraditional students, including working professionals and lifelong learners. At the heart of our efforts is a core value to help enrich —and transform—the intellectual growth and professional skills acquisition of our students. We are committed to providing quality educational programs that showcase the wide range of academic distinction available at the University of Illinois. We support our students with full registration services, in addition to a variety of online tools and information designed to encourage student learning success. Take a peek at our Getting Started pages to see how well we can support your learning journey.

Programs Offered Through University Center

Master of Computer Science- Computer Sci/Information Sys
MS in Library and Information Science (LEEP)- Library & Information Science


Online Programs & Courses

In addition to the programs Illinois offers through the University Center, they offer the following online programs & courses:

Certificate Programs
■Certificate of Professional Development in Crop Sciences
■Certificate of Professional Development in Horticulture
■Business Management for Engineers (BME) Graduate Certificate
■K-12 Certification in Library & Information Science
■Graduate Certificate in Computer Science, Security
■Graduate Certificate in Computer Science, Information Systems
■Graduate Certificate in Computer Science, Networks and Distributed Systems
■Graduate Certificate in Computer Science, Software Engineering
■Graduate Certificate in Computer Science, System Software
■Graduate Certificate in Civil Engineering, Construction Management
■Graduate Certificate in Civil Engineering, Pavement Engineering
■Graduate Certificate in Civil Engineering, Railroad Engineering
■Graduate Certificate in Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering
■Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering
■Graduate Certificate in Civil Engineering, Environmental & Water Resources
■Graduate Certificate in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering
■Graduate Certificate in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Failure Analysis
■NetMath Certificate of Professional Development in Applied Mathematics
■Undergraduate Certificate in Environmental Sustainability
■eLearning Graduate Certificate Program
■Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Library & Information Science
■Middle Grades Endorsement
■Bilingual/ESL Endorsement
■Human Resource Development (HRD) Graduate Certificate Program
■Global Labor Studies
■Technology Specialist Endorsement

Master’s Degree Programs 
■Aerospace Engineering (MSAE)
■Crop Sciences
■Agricultural Education
■Food Science
■Diversity and Equity Issues in Education
■Global Studies in Education
■Health Communication
■Recreation, Sport & Tourism
■Teaching of Biological Science
■Social Work


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