Policies and Forms

Library Use

The University Center Library facilities and services are available to registered students and
teaching faculty for programs offered by member institutions through the University Center of
Lake County.  There is signage on the counter at the library service desk for materials check-out.  Patron Registration forms can be completed online or at the library service desk.  See the Library Use Policy.

Computer Access

The University Center Library has sixteen PC computer workstations available for student and faculty use.  Each computer has general office software available and Internet access. Wireless access is available in the library and through out the facility. See the Computer Use Policy.

Printers and Copiers

Black & white and color printing are available from the Library computer workstations. Black & white copying and printing is available in the Library. We have a new print/copy solution, so please review the Print-Copy User Manual for details. A key fob is no longer required. Instead students and guests may use credit or debit cards for copying and printing.

Book Donations

The library houses only a small collection of books. See the Library

Gift Book Practices and Services