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New Initiatives

“Bullying:  How Schools Can Respond”—Wednesday, October 24, 8:30 am to 2:15 pm simultaneously in Grayslake and DeKalb


The goal of this professional development conference is to inform and educate administrators, teachers, counselors, and staff members about how they can respond to the issue of bullying in their schools. This event is sponsored by the NIU College of Education Office of External & Global Programs, NIU Continuing and Professional Education and the University Center of Lake County. The morning sessions will originate in DeKalb and will be shared with Grayslake via real-time interactive video.  The final session will originate in Grayslake and will be shared with DeKalb through the same means.

Professional Development Hours for licensed educators and Continuing Education Units will be available upon request for those completing the conference.

Visit NIU’s calendar for more information and Click here to register.


Preventing and Addressing Bullying: How the Latest Research Informs Our Work in Schools
(Live in DeKalb - Videoconferencing to Grayslake)
Presented by Christine Malecki, Ph.D., School Psychology Program Director

Preventing and Addressing Cyberbullying: Resources and Tools for School Personnel
(Live in DeKalb - Videoconferencing to Grayslake)
Presented by scholars from the U.S. Department of Education Project Prevent and Address Bullying (PPAB) personnel preparation grant.

Cyber-bullying/Cyber-crime:  Prevention through Awareness
(Live in Grayslake - Videoconferencing to DeKalb)
Presented by Carol Gudbrandsen, Cyber Crimes Analyst, Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office

Please call or email NIU Continuing Professional Education with any questions at 815-753-5200 or

LDA of IL 2018 Conference

The Learning Disabilities Association of Illinois will be holding its 2018 Conference at the University Center on Saturday, October 27, 2018

8:30-9:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast

Eileen Kushner
Overcoming Learning Disabilities: My Story
In school, Eileen was called “lazy” and “dumb.” She always struggled with reading and math. She hoped as a homemaker to avoid exposure of her learning problems. When her growing family needed more income, Eileen went to work at a McDonalds, but was worried about promotion to work on the register because she couldn’t count change. Her husband, Larry, helped her by getting several bills and coins from his job as a bank teller and practicing over and over with Eileen. Eventually, Eileen conquered making change. Come listen to her tell about what else she conquered in her life and how.


Diagnosed at age 39 with processing problems and dyslexia, Eileen has many strengths.
Kathy Young, a special education teacher, interviewed Eileen to tell her inspirational life story.

All attendees will receive a copy of Eileen Kushner’s book: Smart on the Inside

Breakout Sessions

Session 1

Assistive Technology Devices and Students with Disabilities
Technology is not just for gaming and social media. Assistive technology may ease the challenges that children and teens with learning disabilities face. See what might work for you and yours.
Lynette Strode
Illinois Assistive Technology Program (ITAP)

“You Can’t Make Me” Working with Children with Oppositional Defiant Behaviors
Characteristics of students with oppositional defiant behaviors, what may be driving their behavior and the importance of understanding it, and strategies that do and do not work with them.
Beverley Holden Johns, M.S.,
MacMurray College Fellow

What makes a Good Special Education Evaluation?
Tips for parents and educators regarding what components must be include to form a meaningful and accurate diagnosis of a child’s learning and developmental needs.
Dr. Jay Einhorn, Psychological/
Neuropsychological Evaluator

Adults + LD: Hear from Us and Ask Your Questions
Learning disabilities do not go away! They don’t get “cured,” but there are useful strategies. Let us - adults with LD - give you some real-life examples and answer a few of your questions.
Panel of Adults with LD moderated by
Audrey J. Gorman

Session 2

Transitioning to the ‘Real’ World; A Road Map for Students with LD
Students with LD often appear to be like their non-disabled peers; they are often overlooked when it comes to post-secondary career and vocational supports.  What is needed? How can it work?
Dr. Kathleen Loftus
LDA IL President

Navigating the RtI and IEP Maze
Knowing the key terms and processes schools often use to delay or decline evaluation, as well as the special education laws that protect students with disabilities that many parents and educators don’t know.
Steven Glink
Attorney at Law

Learning Disabilities AND EL
What’s the difference between language difference and learning disability? Students can have both! Find out how to work effectively with children who are EL and have LD as well as students who only fit one category.
Dr. Meg Carroll, Professor

Assistive Technology: Improving Access to Education for Individuals with Barriers to Learning
Learn about the new Chromebook extension programs: “Snap & Read” and “Co-Reader.”
Don Johnston Learning Tools


Register in advance via the LDAIL website.  (Additional $10 fee at the door)
Registration Fees: Members: $40, Nonmembers $60, Students $25, Free conference registration for parents: see below

Parent scholarships for membership and conference: Janet Lerner Memorial Membership Scholarships.  Contact the LDA office.

Free parking, Free PD hour Verification, Continental breakfast included.