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New Initiatives

“Earth Right Now—A Year of New Missions”

Bring the excitement of NASA to your Earth Science classroom.

Presenter: Dr. Russanne Low Higher Education Workgroup Lead, Earth Science, Science Mission Directorate, NASA Education and Public Outreach Forum

For the first time in more than a decade, five NASA Earth science missions will be launched into space in the same year, providing new insights into our changing planet – and making 2014 “The Year of Earth.”  NASA satellites, aircraft and research help scientists find answers to critical challenges facing our planet today and in the future, including climate change, sea level rise, freshwater resources and extreme weather events. In this workshop, we will make connections to K-12 Earth science curriculum topics so you can bring the excitement of NASA to your Earth science classroom.

We will focus on resources found in, an educational digital library of resources freely available to educators. We will address how these resources can be used to address not only the disciplinary core ideas, but also the crosscutting concepts of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) - and engage students in the NGSS practices, and do some fun hands-on activities, showing how resources can be combined to meet NGSS standards.

Join our workshop for hands-on experiences using classroom-ready lessons on topics related to our
ever-changing Earth!

RSVP required: Contact Dr. Xiaoming Zhai at or (847) 543-2504.  RSVP deadline—April 25, 2014.

Co-Hosted by: College of Lake County Science Outreach Program & The University Center of Lake County

Download a packet with agenda and presenter bio

Polar Educators International to offer a free Master Class

Polar Educators International will offer a free online Master Class, “Slip Sliding Away: Ice Sheets and Sea Level Rise,” held 7-23 May 2014.  The class will feature leading researcher Dr. Richard Alley and polar educator, Ms. Nell Herrmann.  Membership in PEI is required for participation in Master Class activities. Registration is due by 2 May 2014, with the initial web seminar taking place Wednesday, 7 May 2014 @ 8PM EDT/Thursday, 8 May 2014 @ 0000 GMT.

Polar Educators, International (PEI) is an international organization created to sustain and enhance the many successful education initiatives begun under the last International Polar Year.  This new Master Class series targets a dual audience: educators seeking cutting-edge professional development on the latest polar science discoveries and researchers interested in learning proven tactics for communicating scientific concepts in a clear and meaningful way.

Further information on how to participate is available at:

Download a flyer.