Current Students

Emergency Notification System

As of Fall 2013, the University Center is using a new direct notification system, OneCallNow, to alert University Center students and faculty when there is an emergency or weather closing.  Registration instructions are below. 

Most of the University Center member colleges and universities also offer campus emergency notification systems for students, faculty and staff.  You are also encouraged to sign up with your home campus notification system to receive messages related to campus events and situations.  The University Center’s emergency notification system will only be used to provide alerts related to our Grayslake and Waukegan campuses.

To receive alerts from the University Center, you must

visit OneCallNow and Join our group

. (You can skip the “Sign Up” step to go directly to the University Center registration form.)

Click "Join" not "Sign Up" to reach the OneCallNow Self-Update Portal. This will enable you to provide a phone number and email address for notifications.

Click OneCallNow to start your registration.